The documents that are required are either an original signed passport valid for at least 3 months beyond stay or an I.D. card with the same validity beyond stay.
When using your I.D. card you have to provide 2 passport photos and a photocopy of your I.D.card.
It is compulsory for minors under 15 years of age to either have their own passport or to be registered in their parents' passports.
An entry visa, which can be obtained at any of the major ports of Entry, is also required (minors under 15 registered in parents' passports excluded). The cost of the entry visa is US$ 15.
N:B: tourists confining their visit to the area of the Sinai including Dahab, Sharm el Sheikh and St.Catherine and staying 15 days only are issued with an "only Sinai", free of charge stamp (tourists with an "only Sinai" stamp will not be allowed to visit Ras Mohammed but will be permitted to go to Ras Abu Gallum which is much less crowded).


Visitors arriving in the Sinai by charter flights are allowed to stay there for not more than 4 weeks.
Those wanting to stay for a longer period will have to buy a return ticket on a scheduled flight with a stop-over in Cairo.
Tourists arriving by Low Cost Airlines can stay up to 12 weeks.
There are no stay limits for those arriving by scheduled flights.



The country code for Egypt is 20,followed by the local area code (minus the zero), then the subscriber number.
So, for example, phoning from Egypt to Italy, dial 00(the international access code), then 39, then the local area code followed by the subscriber number.
From Italy to Egypt dial 002, the local area code and the subscriber number.
Please pay attention: the cost of calling and receiving calls from Italian cell phones is about Euro 2,5 -3/min. The SMS messages are also very expensive.

Those who need to use their cell phones can buy a tourist SIM card or a normal one with an Egyptian number or since May 2007 Egypt has had a new operator (including the UMTS) whose cards have no expiry date.
Public phone cards or numerous Internet Points (L.E. 4-6/hour) all having Skype connection can also be used.



The Standard time zone in Egypt is UTC/GMT*2 hours
Time zone abbreviation: EET - Eastern European Time (Egypt follows the EET)
The time difference between Egypt and Italy is usually +1 hour, except during Daylight Time Saving (DTS) in Italy.
DTS (legal hour)in Egypt: from 2 a.m. of the first Friday in May until 2a.m. ofthe last Wednesday in September
DTS (legal hour)in Italy: from 2 a.m.of the last Sunday of March until 3 a.m.of the last Sunday in October.



The best months to go to Dahab are either from September to November(the sea is nice and hot) or April- May. December(the sea is still nice and warm), January and February are the so-called cold months with average tempratures of about 23-25°C.
Dahab is quite a windy area for the joy of windsurfers but much less so for scuba-divers; but when the wind stops for a couple of days it might become rather bothersome.
For information on weather forecasts, please click on our webcam.



The official currency is the Egyptian pound ( 1euro = 7/8L.E.)(click to have the daily exchange rate).
Money can be officially changed in banks and foreign exchange bureaus, do not change your money in hotels.
You can find 3 foreign exchange bureaus and 3 ATMs in Dahab.
Although euros and dollars are widely accepted it is much better to use Egyptian pounds.
Apart from the American Express which is not accepted in Egypt all the other main credit cards can be utilized.



Egypt does not require visitors to obtain specific vaccinations or health certificates prior to arrival.
Pharmacies in Dahab and Sharm are very well supplied. You can buy any type of medicines.But if you are under some particular medication it is advisable to bring your own supply with you.
N.B.medicines produced in Egypt (all under licence) have state imposed and fixed prices and are far cheaper than in Europe but pharmacists tend to overcharge tourists.So, check the prices which are printed on the box.
Doctors or even pharmacists in Dahab will solve any minor problem (eg.small medications) but for major ones you should just go to the Sharm el Sheikh hospital.

Dr. Adel M. Ramadan Dentist tel. +2 012 4515 998



Light, cotton and informal clothing is recommended (some luxury hotels and restaurants will not accept guests wearing shorts during the evening meals).
Do not forget a hat, sun-glasses and some rubber or plastic shoes particularly useful when in the sea, and above all a high-protection sun screen.



Hotel guests can check-in at/after 14.00 according to international hotel regulations.
They will have to check out by 11.00 of their departure day.
The classification of Egyptian hotels does not always correspond to the European standards.
When booking a triple room you might get a double one with an extra bed instead.
Nonetheless,in Dahab, apart from 5-star hotels, anything can be negotiated beforehand.



Various sea-side, fully equipped with a kitchen, satellite TV, swimming pool, apartments can be rented for both short and long term periods.
Downtown Dahab included.
Contact us!



The Egyptian cuisine has been influenced by both the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern ones.
The main dishes are rice, vegetable and legumes soups, lamb meat with its famous kebab, beef, chicken and mutton meat.
Fried or grilled fish and shellfish dishes follow, as well as various vegetables and legumes (eg.a typical dish"fuul"- is mashed fava beans) and all this will usually be spiced with variuos oriental spices.
Cakes are particularly sweet and typical beverage is aromatic tea, coffee (prepared on the grill), karkadè and local beer.
However many hotels serve international cuisine.



Egyptian handicrafts are mainly copper, alabaster and brass products; followed by silver and gold jewels embellished by precious stones, essences and perfumes, decorations on papyrus and banana paper, carpets and hand-woven fabrics.
The Bedouin handicrafts are extremely interesting but unfortunately they are in the phase of extinction.
Most of the clothing is Chinese made, so pay attention.



Visitors can take pictures and film anywhere they like apart from airports and military zones.
Photographic films can be found everywhere and without problems but prints are not of the best quality.
If you are using a digital camera you can download your pictures onto a CD (the cost is L.E.10-15) in any Internet Point.
Underwater cameras and video cameras can be rented.



Tips are not mandatory, but are a usage and are expected by everyone.
N.B.: tips are shared by all the staff.