What to do - Dahab - Red Sea

Excursions from Dahab

Dahab offers a wide choice of excursions to sites of great interest and beauty.
The most famous of all is Saint Catherine's Monastery, where one can see the Biblical Burning Bush as well as many ancient works of art: priceless Orthodox icons, marvelously carved doors, beautiful fresco paintings and other precious religious decorations.
In additon one can visit the protected area of Abu Galum with its splendid beach and its magnificent colours or the Coloured Canyon, a natural wonder, amazing to explore and photograph or just enjoy the site in peace and silence.

Trips are also organized from Dahab to the National Park of Ras Mohammed, one of the gems of the Red Sea with its white sandy beaches and its thousand-colour corals.


Dahab is the place for windsurfers.
Its rough, golden and turquoise scenery leaves you breathless and is a perfect setting for those who want to dedicate their holidays to windsurfing.

The Large Bay, situated in the southern part of the Assalah village, is known among the surfers as "Fun Park".
This name was given as the Large Bay offers many spots for various-level windsurfers.
Beginners can take lessons in the calm and shallow waters of the lagoon - ideal for courses and practice, while the expert and advanced windsurfers looking for strong emotions can take advantage of more extreme spots beyond the shoal where the wind blows strong from the sea.

The southern spot of the lagoon, slightly further from most of the hotels and quite close to the mountains with their beautiful scenery of the sea,is an ideal spot for windsurfers: wind blowing constantly from the left allows them to surf directly from the beach and also allows easy returns.

The center of the lagoon with its flat and shallow waters allows the expert windsurfers a speedy run.
The Rest&Rescue Island, slightly outside the lagoon, is an ideal place for both the spectators and the assistance needy.

One of Dahab's main assets is the wind: this blows constantly 300 days a year and reaches a 4 to 7 force.
The wind factor thus offers different conditions which can accommodate for various windsurfing skills.
In addition, every year Dahab hosts a high number of international competitions.



Dahab, the famous Red Sea "hippy" location, is an excellent destination for divers, especially for those with a higher level of expertise.
Beginners can obtain their licenses there as well.

World famous diving sites, like the Blue Hole and the Canyon, attract throngs of enthusiasts.

Diving trips in Dahab usually commence from the shore itself.
The sites are reached by 4X4s and then by camels.
Each site has its own charm and its own character with many things to discover.
Entering the water is easy: usually it is enough to cross the reef and descend on its outer edge.
The barrier reef in Dahab is a reef flat that stretches along the entirety of the shoreline.
The reef slope then descends steeply to the unfathomable depths of the Gulf of Aqaba.
The scenery, both above and under its surface, is one of incredible beauty - but it is the magnetism of the dives where the secret of its uniqueness lies.

The most famous dive sites of Dahab are the following:

  • the Blue Hole (with the option of various dives in one day).
    You can just let yourself be carried along the barrier by the current, often expecting an encounter with a big pelagic creature. But if you are an expert technical diver do not miss to swim accross the arch that links the Blue Hole to the open sea.
    The marvels of lights and sea life that you encounter, will definitely leave you with unforgettable memories.

  • the Canyon is considered by all professionals as one of the most beautiful dives of the Red Sea. Here,divers usually look for turtles and octopuses living in an amazing natural world.

  • Gabr el Bint will fascinate you with a spectacle of gorgonians and soft corals during your silent passing through its waters.
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    Those who spend their holidays in Dahab will soon discover that the place is a sort of a "Treasure Island" for what concerns the typical and genuine objects of the Sinai.
    If you think that Dahab means "gold" in Arabic, where else can you find it if not on a Treasure Island.
    You can find gold and silver jewels, just like in the rest of Egypt, but the real treasures here, are locally produced objects which cannot be found anywhere else.
    During your stay in Dahab you will find that shopping in this town is a very pleasant and unique experience.

    The tranquil and calm nature of the Bedouins has magnificently blended with the "free spirit" of foreigners who decided to settle here.
    Together, they have created a "mine" of suggestive, cosy and inviting little shops.
    So,between a dive and some windsurfing, after some snorkeling or a good meal in one of the sea-front restaurants, do not forget to have a wander along the little alleyways with their shops.
    The main sea-front shopping area is Assalah.
    Kind shop-keepers will undoubtedly invite you into their shops, but please remember the tradition of "haggling", i.e. the negotiation of prices for anything you want to buy starting from a simple T-shirt up to a beautiful Bedouin carpet.

    The Bedouin culture is strongly felt in Dahab,it is everywhere! On the seafront, you will not miss the little Bedouin girls who sell hand-woven bracelets.
    You just choose the coluors and the design and they just make them there on the spot in front of you and in ten minutes' time you will have a unique piece of Bedouin handi-craft, a bracelet, an anklet or a necklace. It is up to you to choose.



    Dahab and in particular the tourist area of Assalah, offers you a vast number of restaurants and bars situated along the seafront.
    The Assalah promenade,surrounded by palm trees together with its shops selling Bedouin crafts (prices are very convenient), livens up after sunset.

    The long string of bars and restaurants along the beach offers you a wide variety of different cuisines, from the typical Egyptian to the more complicated international ones, all at very convenient prices.
    Some restaurants will offer you fresh fish cooked according to your own recipe.
    Other ones offer breakfast and lunch, mainly to backpackers who live in the many campsites of Dahab.