Kitesurf in DAHAB with SOUL KITER - KITESURF SCHOOL at Canyon Estate Hotel Residence

Kiters Welcome to Dahab! Kitesurf holidays!!

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IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization) was founded in 2001 to train kitesurf instructors worldwide using special methodology. After training at Soul Kiter you will receive a kitesurf IKO certificate matching your level.

Here at Soul Kiter we use only crispy, brand-new 2013 kitesurf gear. After the instruction you will receive a kitesurf certificate from International Kiteboarding Organization matching your progress and allowing you to rent kitesurf gear at other kitesurf stations worldwide. The cost of kitesurf certificate is included in instruction.

Introduction to Kiteboarding (2 hours): 60 EURO for private kitesurf lesson and 30 EURO per person for group kitesurf lessons
- You will leave with a solid introduction to safety, kitesurf equipment characteristics and differences between kites. Includes independent on-shore practice session using our kitesurf gear: flying trainer kite, selecting a place to rig-up and launch full-size kite, rigging-up skills.

New Kitesurf Rider 1* (4 hours): 210 EURO for private kitesurf lessons and 180 EURO per person for group kitesurf lessons (max two students with one kite and one kitesurf instructor)
- Kitesurf lessons include launching the kite from the shore and water re-launch skills, downwind body dragging, upwind body-dragging in deep water (board retrieving skills), water start and downwind kiteriding.

New Kitesurf rider 1 + Introduction to Kiteboarding (6 hours) = 250 EURO !!!

New Kitesurf rider 2 (6 hours) : 240 EURO (only private kitesurf lessons).
- Additional long-distance kiteriding skills including upwind kitesurf riding

Kitesurf rider`s Basics: 60 EURO/hour using our kitesurf gear and 30 EURO/hour using your kitesurf gear.
- Sliding turns, toe side turns, backside 180 ollie, jumps basics, freestyle basics (back roll, front roll, ralley), self-rescue skills and wave kiteriding with kitesurf instructor.

KITESURF RENTAL - We offer a range of new and used kites, boards, harnesses and kiteboarding accessories
The Soul Kiter is an average flexibility all-round 140?42 kiteboard manufactured in Thailand. Supplied with pads, footstraps, grab handle and 5 cm fins.
Price: US$ 550

The Verve is setting new standards in all round performance and kiterider comfort. Freestyle, freeride or wakestyle, this kitesurf board does it all. Our all-new bottom shape, V2 Concave: a single concave bottom with a double vee tip provides unmatched smoothness and control through the roughest of waters.
X-Spine flex technology allows the kiteboard to flex and twist at the same time ensuring a responsive, effortless and fun ride. A 3D Wood Core, CNC milled from Paulownia provides a durable, light weight and highly responsive construction. 6 inch insert spacing fits with both straps and wake bindings. The outline and tip shape is optimized to eliminate spray to your eyes.

All conditions, every kiterider, every day.

Sizes: 132X40 / 136X41

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